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Fun "Faux Fresco" Finish for your walls! (6th Ave House)

Products: (see videos below)

Paint-able Wallpaper:

First Base Coat: Sherwin Williams: Mindful Gray #SW 7016

Wash Coat: Sherwin Williams: Iron Ore.

Mix one part water to one part paint. I also add in "Flotrol" to keep the wash wet while I paint. It helps to blend the different areas as I go. When painting the areas in a 2'x2' section at a time, DO NOT---I repeat---DO NOT make squares with exacting edges. Make random areas so it will blend better. And once you start, do not stop. Do not let any area at it keeping it wet so that it will blend better. And as with all Faux finishes only have one person working on it. Two different people will have two different effects as they press harder or softer (etc.) You will have a more even effect if just one person does the whole wall. (Although another person can bring you chocolate and caffeine to keep you going-or simply do cheers from the sideline!)

Final Coat: You can top coat with a "FLAT: polyurethane to protect your finish. This is optional. I would recommend this top coat if it is in a high traffic area. Finding a purely Matte finish polyurathane is difficult. I have had good results with the following Varathane. You can order from Menards online and have it delivered to your door if you cannot obtain this locally.

This video is half way in between finishing the faux finish wall with some instruction about washing on the walls, and leaving the edges wet which is very very important!

This little video shows the "Faux Fresco" Wall in the Living Room in-process. The wall was wallpapered first with paint-able wallpaper. Second step was applying the base coat of paint. Third was applying a layer of wash-which you paint on and then wash off. So fun! The end result is amazing because it is textured (3-dimensional) and also varied in it's color---very eye appealing! Makes you want to touch it to see if it's really for real!

Finished Fresco Faux finish! Adds drama and character to an otherwise plain wall!

You can see the whole house view of the 6th Ave project at:

<iframe width='853' height='480' src=‘' frameborder='0' allowfullscreen allow=‘vr'></iframe>

Be sure and check out the "Dollhouse" house. shows the house with the roof off and you can zoom in and view all the rooms!

And check out the "FOR SALE" listing on at


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