Making of a Mural:

Coach Master's, Kearney, NE


As seen on NTV's "The Good Life" with Zach Ritchie.  


Before and in the making....

Final Mural (Walls and Ceiling)

Larry &



Lincoln, NE

Tuscan Vineyard Mural.

Making of a Ceiling Mural 

"Metallic Enchanted Forest"

Making of a Mural:

10' x 11'

Bronze Fire Tree

Making of a Mural:

4.5' x 6'

Shelter Insurance, Heather Crowley, 

Kearney, NE

Making of a Mural: "Go West Young Man, Go West".

Miller Hiller, Dunning, NE

4' x 16'

Making of a Mural..."Go West Young Man-Go West!"

Miller Hiller from Dunning NE had a vision for a large Mural at the end of his driveway. He contacted me to commission this large Mural. Miller did not have a lot money to put into this but we moved forward-opting for a more "cartoon" like Mural with not as many details. As you can see from the photo (Miller on the right) it did turn out very large and gets a lot of people turning heads! Miller added some antiques and made this a very unique and personal piece of Artwork!

Life Size Stand-up Mural


These assorted photographs were used to make this life size stand-up.

Making of a Mural:

8' x 20'

First United Methodist Church, Kearney, NE

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